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Eventually Finding Karma

The group rises in the dawn, and girds loins both physical and metaphoric. The plan is to enter under cover of Wind Walk and go swiftly into the building and into the stairwell without pause. They rapidly ascend the stairs, pausing to peep into an art gallery before being dragged back on task by Dalliance and Barada. At the top of the stairs an open door. Beyond it a royal bedroom, and a spiral stair leading upward. At the top of the stair, an unlit room holds a platinum and steel framework. Within the twisted bars is a casket and resting within, a gray ovoid. Dalliance notices the invisible madman hefting a staff with which to attack, and she alerts the group. In the next few seconds, Demming lets fly with Finger of Death and slays the madman before he can do serious harm.

Right! Now, tim...

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Turn your exams over, you may begin…

Walking as wind, the group swoops about the island and enters the castle courtyard. There they see a small army of giants in armor, performing some sort of military drill. A tower overlooks the courtyard, and the eyestalk of a beholder is seen protruding from one of the arrow slits. Beyond the entry gate and murderholes and whatnot are a series of large interconnected buildings that open onto the courtyard in two places. The one furthest from the entrance, and beyond the giants smells strongly of Nightmare.
The closer, less smelly entrance is taken and the group explores a great hall, cellars, and stairs to an upper floor. There they encounter an iron golem...

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Midlife Crisis

The group basks in glory and relative safety, wealth, comfort and the trappings of power. Boooooooooooooooring! What happened to the good ole days of pooping into a bag and hoping you didn’t end up eviscerated? Once you have battled gods and slain them, after restoring life to the world as you know it…the mundane encompasses pretty much everything.

Still, odd rumors pop up from time to time and if strange enough they may whet the appetite for adventure. One such rumor involves a test set forth by the gods themselves, to separate the wheat from the chaff. The group investigates and the trail leads from minstrel to bard, from bard to sage.

Locating the sage takes a bit, but reaching him is a matter of a teleport circle – and the group arrives to ask questions...

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Achy Breaky Heart!

As the dragon’s body crashes to the ground in a tremendous wave of unborn souls, the group pauses for a moment to see what carnage has been wrought. They examine the slumped form of Abe and the battered body of Nils and sigh as they deploy the Rod of Resurrection…and not a moment too soon it seems for the dragon’s still beating heart bursts forth from its chest in a gory shower of viscera. It is some form of demon – one that calls forth its weapons and burst into flame with an audible ‘whump’. As its weapons materialize, all the soulstuff in the room is drawn inward towards those terrible weapons and when the demon bellows its battle cry – the group is sore afraid...

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Soul Shakedown Party

The intrepid adventurers make ready to face demonic troubles, as well as more mundane concerns…they appear to be plummeting towards the Bastion at an alarming rate.
Taking wind form allows them to gain access to the “landing pad’ and quickly erect a wall of force. This seals out most of the demons, but leaves a retriever – a personal minion of a demon prince – trapped inside the dome with the party. The battle is short and brutal. The group then uses the shard of the godsoul to gain entrance to the inner pocket plane, windwalking past a quartet of demon/dragon hybrids and an interdimensional anemone.
They enter and survey a myriad of trees each which bears a constellation of developing souls...

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