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Stay positive!

With fragment of godsoul in hand, the group does some more investigating with sources extra-planar. It is revealed that travel to the positive material plane is fraught with peril. The life force is so strong that eventually one will swell up and explode.
More investigating reveals that there are spells that may exist, but they would probabky be used by demonicy sort of folks. This bit of information is imparted by the plane hopping sumo frog, who appears to Dalliance and strikes a bargain. He will aid the group against the demons, but he seeks the head of the creature. Luckily, the group has a bone to pick with the creature revealed to be in posession of the arcane script. Said critter is in undermountain.
Amidst groans of grudgery it comes to light that teleporting in is impossible, but...

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Hello god? Its me, Dalliance…I’m here to kill you and take your soul.

Plane shifting to Pandemonium, the group locates the guardian angel (Evo) and her companion (not introduced). They attempt to parley, asking Evo about the prospects for looting the dead god’s tomb. With all due respect, of course..
She puts the kibosh on the idea and suggests that they petition whatever gods they have, for she will not open the door without a fight. Her companion nods grimly. The group retreats, then planeshifts back to Waterdeep. There they do their best to get in touch with a god that appears to give a whoop and eventually Abe, brother of Gabe, contacts a divine representative of Azuth. Azuth will work on his behalf, but in return, Azuth demands certain recompense…like a temple to Azuth...

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Roll the die!

Faced with the potential for a trip to Pandemonium, the group decides to spend some time in investigation. They consult sages, commune with nature, contact other planes, delve into bardic lore and ask the druids for hidden knowledge.

Unfortunately, all this poking and prying into the planes reveals some information. The first bit of information is that some sort of ancient arcane dragon thingy is drinking straight from the font of souls, thus all the soulless children. The next bit of info is that they will need to break into the tomb of a long-dead god to steal something that will allow them to gain access to the soul fountain. Beyond that, they learn that the tomb is guarded by an angelic being of some sort – undoubtedly loathe to allow entry to the tomb.

The final piece of information ...

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Dreamer, nothin but a dreamer…

Deciding to investigate a lead from not too long ago, the group troops off into the badlands to investigate tales of children born with no souls.
The phenomenon is verified and Demming pushes for action, as his constituency is most affected.
The group agrees and information-gathering commences. The lead that develops points the group towards a sect of dreamers who believe answers are to be sought in the dream state.
The subsequent investigation finds a dreamhold. The group enters and is told that their inquiries into the font of souls can only be answered by the Prime Dreamer. They awaken her at their own peril.
They advance into what could be perilous peril indeed, were it not for the array of spells they bring to bear. The Dreamer is awakened.
Questions are asked and answered and it appe...

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Chill out man!

The group ransacks the tiger-man’s lair then puzzles over the lack of options. Oh well – back down the stairs and into an unexplored room. This one is an assembly/storage area for the steel lions currently prowling around the outside of the tower. Onward through some doors and a hallway is revealed. It is guarded by two immense machetegolems.
Cue Demming and his metal repulsion spell. He pushes the golems into a corner so Dalliance can eliminate them. She then eliminates the scary glyphs on the doors, which lets Barada determine that they are quite uncomfortably warm to the touch. Fire up the scroll of fore resistance and off they go, up the stairs.
Upon reaching the top, it is clear that the end is near...

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