Soul Shakedown Party

The intrepid adventurers make ready to face demonic troubles, as well as more mundane concerns…they appear to be plummeting towards the Bastion at an alarming rate.
Taking wind form allows them to gain access to the “landing pad’ and quickly erect a wall of force. This seals out most of the demons, but leaves a retriever – a personal minion of a demon prince – trapped inside the dome with the party. The battle is short and brutal. The group then uses the shard of the godsoul to gain entrance to the inner pocket plane, windwalking past a quartet of demon/dragon hybrids and an interdimensional anemone.
They enter and survey a myriad of trees each which bears a constellation of developing souls. They spend a few moments in contemplation, then reverse course and flee for just a bit more preparation.
They return within a dozen hours and repeat their journey. This time there are no demons on the landing. They enter and plummet past the inter dimensional anemone.
They enter again, but this time the quartet of dracodemons is inside and waiting for them. The group decides to remain in wind form and tries to lose the quartet in the caverns that lie past the entrance. They happen upon what appears to be a crudely animated dragon skin, much as if two small children were wearing it like an overcoat. At the sight of it, the dracodeons turn back. This freaks the group members out in a major way, and they flee faster. Eventually they find a space to assess the situation, and finding that there is no time like the present, they use the soul shard to gain entrance to the inner chamber.
Therein they find a huge red demondragon bathing in a shower of soulstuff, exhilarating in the experience. Behind it stands an iron tower, and upon that tower stands a figure. The dragon offers the group death or immortality, and the group chooses – after an excruciatingly long moment of soul-searching, it may be noted- to attack.
The battle is intense, but in the end it comes down to Nils, wielding the Holy Dragonbane Greatsword of Vengeance, vs the dracothingy while the rest of the group acts as decoys, heals the fighter, attacks the tower – a minor epic in and of itself, involving dracodeonic kobold bard and a demodragon. The latter chases Barada and is disintegrated by Dalliance, while the former falls victim to a nicely timed Drown spell cast by Shlomo the Druid.
Meanwhile, the battle with the dracodemon rages on. Several party members are battered to the doorstep of oblivion, but then Abe is stomped to death, then a few seconds later Nils is slain. All seems lost until Barada is volunteered to wield the sword. Ron’j! carries it over to him and the reluctant hero strikes a blow that nearly severs the beast’s leg, and it begins to topple in an agonizingly slow and excruciatingly loud arc towards the knee-deep pool of soulstuff…

One comment to Soul Shakedown Party

  • Dalliance  says:

    Truly one of the most epic battles ever. Assuming it is actually over.

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