…carry the one…

The group passes four or five days sleeping, healing and identifying items. Tallies are tallied and lists are constructed. Choice items are diced for and the party is fat with loot. Yet, they are disgruntled.
Being duped by Coburg’s squeeze has irked them, one and all. They are determined to push on and find a way to end his un-life.
They investigate the shaft and wander around a prison complex, view a torture chamber, find the waiting room revealed by the mirror they found in the lady’s bedroom and an exit to a catwalk that stretches across the top of the gates. There are signs of occupation, but all are in the distant past. It does not seem that this area has been utilized in some time. Given that Coburg was once captain of the gate and now ruler of the entire city, this is consistent with the rest of the information gathered so far. The next morning they plan to venture into the vast, teeming evil held in the tower complex and take further stock of the situation.

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