I told you so!

The group decides to call it a day after slaying the ungern troop and climbs the rope. When they descend in the wee hours of the morning, they resume their journey. As the sun rises they become aware that a giant fog bank obscures the causeway ahead and extends for miles on either side of their path. They proceed with caution and eventually find that a large section of the causeway is collapsed, so they descend into the swamp and try to continue on their course. As they follow a trail made by the passing of many (orc?) feet, they become aware that there are large creatures moving about out in the mist and swampiness. The mage ascends by levitation and gets a view of the fog, the causeway and the surrounding lands. Another 6 to 8 miles of mist lie between them and their goal. Sigh. The mage rejoins the group and relays the news.

Eventually, the path veers away from the causeway and begins to skirt the edge of a large lake. The water is clear, still and devoid of life. At the bottom, near the path is a large domed structure partially in ruins and laying amidst the pieces of broken stone lie many sparkling gems and the partially decomposed body of a gigantic black dragon.

Although it seems clear that it is a trap, the mage opines that it must be investigated, though he is pessimistic about the odds of anything good coming of it. With that rousing speech, the Lad is volunteered and equipped with water breathing, slow poison and a rope. Into the water he goes and sure enough,. he begins to take damage from the highly acidic water. He drops to the bottom and scoops up a handful of gems, then returns to the surface. The group plots for a moment while they eat lunch, then clock out for the day and ascend the rope.

The following morning finds the party sculling across the lake in one of their folding boats while the mage prepares himself. Once he has cast detect magic, he polymorphs himself into a fish and Goldpiece tosses him out of the boat. Malchor explores the area swiftly, for the deeper one goes into the structure, the more agonizing the pain becomes. He explores enough to reveal that this was probably a temple, is attached to a complex, and that complex lies buried in mud and silt. With that, he swims for the surface and leaps into the boat.

Meanwhile, the rowboat crew finds themselves under observation by a group of large swamp-dwelling creatures that seem displeased by their presence. Before any acts of aggression can commence, the elf unleashes a fireball and roasts a pair. One is slain and the rest scatter. Taking their cue, the group rows for the far shore – wherever that may lie. Eventually they find an edge, then backtrack to regain the trail – which eventually leads them back to a fallen section of causeway. They scramble up broken stones and are ready to investigate the next set of towers, flanked by a pair of statues of a frog-like creatures. As the ranger passes them, they attack! A few moments later, the creatures are dead and the exploration of the towers begins anew.

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