Morcus calling Orcus…

Pressing onward, the group explores a series of rooms and corridors, the first of which is packed with zombies, which the cleric happily reduces to dust. The idea that the Rotting Man oversees a vast complex of tombs is floated amidst exploration and an attack by a dam. Damn the dam! The elf is nearly crushed but the group manages an escape.
An evil altar is found as is a series of coffins and sarcophagi – giving credence to the earlier opinion. The occupants are returned to an inert state and the contents are seized before further exploration is undertaken.
After being sealed in an area by a portcullis, they find a room resembling a lake of fire, interspersed with hanging chains. Doorways are flanked by buttons and the group discovers that button-pushing deploys bridges across the flaming floor. With spider-climbing mage and careful roping, the entire party safely crosses. They traverse a giant loop and then go back to explore individual doors.
One door leads to a surprised cleric of Orcus, who tries to battle but who falls victim to his own spell as a result of the cleric’s ring of spell-turning. This encounter raises group spirits, as it seems they are drawing closer to their foe.

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