Na na na na na na na rakshasa!

After spending some time with the oracle, the party deduces that the Rotting Man is local, so they set about exploring. They uncover a shrine that houses some undead and a crucified and flayed giant. Defeating them, the party finds the protected tomb of an elf warrior maiden. The group puzzles over this for a while, then resumes exploring the area.
Eventually they enter a series of rooms festooned with implements of torture, and in the next room they surprise some orcs torturing a human chained to a pair of planks. As the group enters, a demon suddenly appears and attacks the cleric. The party rallies as the orcs transform into jackal headed warriors and attack.
As the battle rages, the mage pummles the demon with spells as the rest of the party battles the warriors.eventually, it is discovered via the gem of true seeing that the demon is actually Kormier and the cleric is actalyy a rackshasa. Now the battle rages on until the jackal warriors are defeated and the evil tigerman is wounded. At this point he breaks contact and flees. After a moment, the group gives chase.

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