Northward hooo!

Following the maps leads the intrepid explorers northwards into the increasingly wild landscape. They blaze a trail straight across the large expanse of prairie that separates a large inland sea from an imposing mountain range. When they realize that the ‘treasure’ map leads to a complex that they have already discovered and plundered in an earlier excursion to disrupt the plans of the Rotting Man, they decide to beeline for the coast.
They deploy the folding boats and travel in style and comfort along the shoreline – disappearing with boats and gear up a rope trick in the evening – and make their leisurely way northward…ever northward.
The main point of excitement of the trip is the sighting of a huge red dragon near an island in the inland sea, and the cryptic divination uttered by the Tormite cleric – “The lair of flame and fury” when a possible trip to the island is discussed.
The island remains a topic of much discussion as the group continues on their northward quest. When a small village is spotted, the group decides to put ashore and check the lay of the land. Investigation and discussion with the few townsfolk that are present reveals that there is a demon head carved into the face of a nearby cliff, and that adventurers have been coming to the region for decades following the fall of the Damarran kingdom. Most do not return, but occasionally there are reports of great plunder being hauled up from the depths of the tunnels that lie beyond the mouth.
The group leaves town the following morning and journeys into the hills. With the exception of an ambush party that the mage destroys preemptively, the trip is uneventful – though it becomes clear that few travel these paths. Apparently the townsfolk stay close to the mouth of the river and are not keen to stray too far into the wooded foothills that lie inland.
The open maw is found, investigated and entered. Riding the wave of paranoia that has colored his movements for the past month or so in the lich;s tomb, the cleric detects traps – and is rewarded with many traps. Investigating the untrapped doors reveals one of them is marked with an inscription promising a horrible demise to any and all who cross the threshold. Well, that settles it then! The group opens the door and ventures onward…

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