Regime change

Drawing on the information made available to the group by Miles and the gnomes, the group knows that there are people inside Ludensheim that are ready to see the end of the Duke’s reign. They journey through the town and see the sights, few that they are. They make note of the upgraded silk merchant’s guildhall and eventually make contact with both the leader of the civil guard and the head of the wool merchant’s guild. They manage to convince each one of the veracity of the charges laid against the Duke and his legs.
Alas, though the group has a wide range of popular support, they lack a fighting force upon which they can depend. A plan is concocted and a few days of information gathering are undertaken. Eventually, while allies in the city set fire to a silk warehouse and create a diversion, the group scales the walls of the central keep and gains entrance to the central tower. Shielded by invisibility, all goes well until there is a chance contact between party member and a guardsman.
Moving rapidly away from the scene of the confrontation, party members quickly explore a few rooms and decide they need to double back. Abandoning caution, they charge the main guardroom and smash through a door to gain access to a central staircase. As the alarm rings out all around them, they swiftly climb and manage to surprise the Duke and an assistant in a study.
The still-invisible group charges the assistant and hacks him to bits – everyone knows old men with staves are far more dangerous than they would appear. They then turn to do battle with the duke and despite some ferocious blows delivered by the Duke’s axe, the group is triumphant,
A quick debate ensues about the possible courses of action that may be taken – it has to be quick because there are indications that reinforcements are on the way to the ducal chambers.

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