Salami Flood – or – The Birdman has no manners

The birdman ignores the advancing party, but there is no time to reflect on such appalling lack of manners for the dazzling view of the majesty of the city suddenly rises out of the mist, and a vast precipice plunges down into the bowels of the earth. Dazed by the imagery, the group is taken mostly unawares by the pack of plague hounds that staggers out of a squat building to the right of the portico entrance. The pit is in reality a set of mirrors that reflect the towers ahead and make them seem to be the roots of a large tree.
As the group rallies and engages the creatures that vomit clouds of plague dust and attack with savage claws, the birdman watches impassively.As the group beats back the attackers and plunders the building after banishing the ghosts of a thousand dead, the birdman watches impassively.
On the heels of victory comes a wave of nightmare. Bone shards that resemble insects with lobster claws start tunneling out of the glass and begin snipping limbs off the hapless party members. Feet, arms and more feet litter the ground before the vile creatures are vanquished. Across the portico kneels a man before a stand. As the group approaches, they note he holds a shattered horn in his hands. They ponder for a moment before the Vessel of Souls steers them to a well hidden door – although once it is found a set of dwarven runes spell out that this is indeed the secret entrance to the tower of Coburg. They gain access to a door that leads to a narrow and steeply pitched stair. They ascend and deploy the rope to hide out for a few hours. Rest, repair and recalibration is in order.

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