shut your foaming lardhole!

The group continues investigating the level, wandering into and then rapidly out of some crumbling dirt caves. They find door after locked door – one of which is ornate and bears runes that are read and reveal it to be the resting place of a paladin turned evil. Bypassing said door, the group eventually finds, tussles with and slays a barbarian vagrant who appears to be living off of rat meat.
They take his key and kill his larder full of rats. They investigate doors one by one until they enter the crypt of the fallen paladin. The fallen paladin wields a greatsword to great effect, slaying The Gal and nearly doing in several other party members before he is brought down.
The fallen are raised and the wounded are healed. Looting is undertaken and the group pauses before entering one of the last locked doors. They enter and find stairs leading down to a large cavern. Across the entrance are written the words ‘beware of purple wurms’.
Thus warned, the group wanders about until the encounter a purple wurm. They fight it until it retreats, then pause again to gather wits and resources.

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