The Oracle of Ohmahgawd

Wandering around the cavern some more, the group finds a hidden staircase that winds into the base of a huge stalagmite, and where the stair ends – a cleverly hidden secret door, The door is opened to reveal a room lined in lead and inscribed with symbols – one of which turns the lad insane.
After the insanity is cured, the group resumes investigation and finds a marble sarcophagus, inscribed with runes and sealed with lead. The coffin is opened and the ensuing blast of fire nearly kills one of the party – but they are saved in the nick of time. Inside the coffin is the well preserved body of a mage – perhaps – encased in a shimmering blue field of energy. Malchor opines that it could be a stasis field – and after several unsuccessful attempts to loot the body, the group retreats.
They descend to the cavern floor and resume exploration, at which point the Gal is engulfed by a purple wurm that bursts forth from the rocky ground. Just as swiftly, the elf banishes the wurm to another plane and the paladin is saved.
Additional exploration leads the group into a series of oddly shaped rooms that eventually leads to a desiccated elf body that houses a votive candle. The cleric uses a ring to speak with the departed, who reveals that he was captured by priests of Orcus – Lord of the Undead. A few more doors leads them into a room dominated by a skull – that rises into the air and offers to answer questions if the price is right.

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