well, now what?

The intrepid group spends another 12 days exploring various stairwell, corridors, rooms and the like. Of note is a piece of statuary that grants experience levels to everyone in the party except Malchor, who is swallowed whole.
Also if note are various and sundry traps, tombs and sarcophagi. These recurring themes convince the party that they are in the right area to finally track down the rotting man. Equally recurring are large distances and areas without any seeming connection. These themes discourage the party and lead them towards despair of ever reaching the goal.
They continue the search for the Goldilocks area – not too easy, so there will be good loot, but not too hard, so no one will die. Well the camping in a poison gas filled room approach bears lie to the last hope, but luckily – as a result of the encounter with the hungry statuary – the cleric is now able to raise the dead. No slacking for you! The group ends up climbing back to the entrance level – albeit from an entirely different direction.
Well…now that was unexpected. As the elf struggles to make sense out his Escher-like maps the rest of the group debates where to go next.

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