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The earnest exploration reveals little more than ambulatory piles of toothy offal and a cord and a few random things. It is thought that the cord may be used to bind the horn pieces together, but that implies another northward journey to see Frosty and his brother. Thus, the group sets off on a northward journey, deciding to stop and visit the golem-manufacturing plant discovered some time earlier.

After much trouble and use of magic, entry is gained to a large corridor. The corridor is full of traps. After a few days of trap avoidance and use of much magic, the end of the hallway is revealed to be a dead end, Curses!

Doubling back, the group finally discovers a well-hidden secret door just inside the main entrance. More magic is used but it eventually opens and leads down a short flight of stairs to a curiously patterned room – with no visible exits. It is surmised that this is a teleportation station for whatever wizard lives here. Disheartened, the group returns to their northward travels.

Pursuing the plunder and peril mentioned in the last episode, the group resumes traversing the halls, seeking and finding an aminated pile of assorted limbs topped with a crocodile head. Sickened, the group blasts it to bloody shrapnel using Laddington’s javelin of lightning and seizes the hammer it was using to play some magical chimes.
The group retreats to the central stair and rope tricks into a resting spot. When they emerge, they are refreshed and also a bit weaker, losing some strength and constitution to the ill environment. This spurs them to renewed action and within an hour’s time they have battled a four-armed bear-man-bear for a drum mallet and all the loot they can carry,and stolen the last striker from the unguarded kettle drums found in a nearby chamber. They retreat outside to wait for the vibrations of the instruments to die away and then proceed to open the final door in the tower – deep in the basement,
There they meet Frosty’s brother – the Earthy one. They chat and he seems amiable enough. He tells them a bit more about the horn, and they decide a return to Ludensheim is in order. First, a teleport to Impiltur, where the group settles accounts with the church and provides more information about their actions. Blessings are obtained and the group tries to parley fortune into magical weapons and accoutrements. A trip to Baytown and Sarshel are also undertaken – and discrete inquiries are undertaken enroute to Botkinburg – to make nice with the wizard – and then Ludensheim. Once in Ludensheim the group sets about marking out and exploring the maze of sewers and passages that lie under Mile’s seat of power. Eventually, they find a series of rooms and passages that lie under the old SIlk Merchant’s Guild headquarters. From there they set out and discover a sub-level of older passages that lie along the sewers, The exploration begins in earnest…

Rested, resupplied and refreshed, the group sets out on the next leg of their journey. Goldpiece wonders why they are doing what they are doing. That prompts a bit of discussion, but the Tormites can’t let discovered evil unmolested and that seems good enough to end the discussion.

Searching the northern end of the Blacktooth Ridge for a floating rock proves to be more difficult than the winter lord made out. Days pass with no success in locating the elusive aerial stone. There is much success in locating wyverns, or in being located by wyverns depending on how you see things. The first two are beaten down with only the loss of the paladin’s horse. The second attack in the evening is even more swiftly concluded. A few more days pass and finally the floating stone is located.

Investigation and liberal amounts of paranoia reveal a large tower at the bottom of a huge crevasse, atop which floats a bolder – more like a small mountaintop. They descend into the rift – search for hours and discover all manner of dead and plunder what they can. They find thieves and goblins, orcs and giants. A priest of Unklar is among the dead as well, and he carries a 5 pointed, diamond studded diadem in his withered hand. They a;so discover that the top of the rift suddenly looks very far removed. Must have crossed to another dimension. OK, whatever.

Up the stairs and into the tower – brimstone and perfumes are carried on a cold wind as the door is opened. A space inside that is larger than that on the outside. A big spiral staircase up and down. Down and past some bridges and down and down and find the door to Ausfang, with instructions on how to open it – having to do with using the strikers for fours magical musical instruments. No dude, though.

Up up up and up to the top. Roof. Not much else. Definitely no dude. So, back to the bridges. Cross one and pass through a curtain of floating diamonds. Into crazy space with gravity defying rivers of blood and metal-shaving tornados and whatnot. Moving along, they eventually discover a room with floating potions and a huge magical, musical instrument. They also are attacked by some form of energy that manifests as an invisible empty hooded robe. It blasts away at them and ages their equipment. It hurls vials of acid and tries to telekinese various folks. The group blasts away at it and then it vanishes, only to reappear until in the end, they manage to slay/disperse the thing. Pausing to snatch up some magical potions and the striker for the instrument, the party prepares to seek additional opportunities for plunder and peril.

Wandering the halls and slaying most of the hapless frost ogres theyhappento mert, the party feels lost. When the disguised elf enters the dishwashing room, he otices a hidden door. Once opened, it leads to a spiral staircase leading both up and down. Deciding to go upwards into the blinding swirling freezing snows allows them to make contact with the winter king. He greets them warmly (no pun intended) and has a chat with them. Long story short, he needs the group’s help to free yet another elemental lord. To that end he imparts information about the spell of soul restoration and additional information about the horn pieces that they carry. The finished horn will allow entrance to the capital of the Horned One’s empire. Coincidentally, the being that needs to be freed may be able to provide assistance in this endeavor.

The group sneaks back out of the mountain enclave and returns to thesouthward road. Along the way they spy on the ring fort they just explored on the way out. Nothing much to report and so the group backtracks to the tower of soul crows. They send a flying representative to parley with the druid of craziness and give him the second half of the spell of soul reunification.

Whew. Crazy fun. Now what?

Soon enough the group encounters a large tower – one of seven that the villagers described as housing the armes and beasties of the elemental lord’s hosts. The first tower is 100 feet tall and has a large bridge sticking out of one side that leads into the mountain. The tower is bypassed. The second tower looks just like the first and is also given a wide berth – well, as wide as possible on a snowy cliff. The third tower looks like the other two – except for the flock of skeletal mini-pterodactyls that start swooping around the tower top. Ok – on to tower number four – or maybe further – once the party sees that the bridge has a large section missing out of the middle. Or maybe not as the tower doors burst open and an enraged frost giant pummels Bababobo into the snow. Goldpiece responds quickly with his keen sword and strikes one of the legs off the giant. The giant topples and manages to hurl a boulder with enough force to seriously damage Laddington. While Gala delivers a cruel blow to the downed ranger, the elf finished the fight by cutting the head off of the battling giant.
They enter and investigate the tower – find loot, rest up – use an ice bridge to seal the gap and make their way to the doors that block entrance to the mountain.
These doors are eventually opened and what follows is an extended tour of the hallways of the winter king. Loot is looted, monsters are battled, heads are scratched and many of the paths that they follow eventually lead them towards one of the seven towers.
More investigations and a pair of four-headed winter wolves are slain in the throne room. At one point Gioldpiece dons a hat of disguises to bluff past a room with a few frosty ogres, at another point the party tries to parley with more blue ogres and it all goes weasel shaped – leading to a running battle in the hallways. More resting – more investigating. A room that has lockers with keys – one locker is locked and the key is gone. A waiting room. A kitchen. Storerooms. All manner of stuff. Eventually there are few options left for paths unsearched and the group prepares to travel one of the few ways left.

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