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After defeating the door guards the group presses on down a hallway – Detecting Traps and Thoughts. No traps, but some thoughts are picked up on the radar and the group bursts into a room.
There they see a golem surrounded by a shimmering soaplike bubble. Oh, and a heavily tattooed ogre. Ron’j! charges and attacks and meets with a repulsion sphere that bounces him back to the party. Turns out that is a spellcasting ogre. Hmm.

The golem ogre duo is joined by a pair of mind flayers, and this alarms Dalliance greatly. She casts phantasmal killer and slays the ogre. The group suffers a Psionic Blast attack that panics Nils and Ron’j!, causing them to depart the scene at high speed. Hmm. This is looking grim. Right. OSR!

They flee down the hallway and Dalliance uses her Staff of Power to erect a wall of force, Then she casts Project image into the bubble containing the golem. From there an wildly arcing chain lightning finishes off the golem and one brain sucker. The remaining flayer departs at top speed and the group does the same, albeit in opposite directions.

They re-enter the lair after about 3/4 of an hour and begin to explore again – moving swiftly towards the mind flayer lair, though they fear the last occupant will have plundered any loot…

The diving dragon unleashes a fireball of epic proportions and follows it up with a massive bolt of electricity that melts the surface of the iron cube where it strikes.

Where it strikes is the trio of Dalliance, Abe and Nils. The trio dies – though Dalliance has her ring of nine lives and she pops back up – hale and hearty. She blasts away at the draconic monstrosity while the rest of the group scurries about and ends up disintegrating it. Zot!

The group scrapes up the remnants of the fallen and departs via a scroll-enabled gate. They return the dead to life and invest a tenday or so bouncing about while seeking magic items to replenish those consumed by the dragon’s attack. Finally they return to the cube and now must choose between vengeance on the dragons that might be left, or an outright assault on the tower straightaway. Greed wins and the dragons are targeted for removal.

The group scouts the crevasse and spots the two remaining dragons in close proximity. Dalliance lets fly with a tripled fireball and Demming hurls a globe from his necklace of missiles. Despite the surprise and the massive amounts of damage – the dragons are not slain and seem inclined to attack. Disintegrate removes the larger of the two and good ole fashioned damage does in the offspring. Huzzah! and Looting! and Huzzah some more!

But now the tower looms – and the group approaches the only opening – it is flanked by two large steel cats, and a machete-armed iron golem stands just within the entrance. Dalliance erects a wall of force across the opening to separate the cats from the golem, then casts chain lightning and reduces the cats to slag. Meanwhile, Ron’j! dons is gloves of rusting and leaps into battle with the golem just as soon as the wall comes down. The battle is short, sharp and brutal – in the end the party prevails and stands ready to enter the tower.

The group moves across the face, using Demming to transport via plants, then teleportation circling the rest over to him. Alas, this is one of those times where Demming de-bushes next to a predator – a steel lion. It attempts to savage him, and he attempts to flee. Demming succeeds, and the cavalry appears…and gets a little mauled. Ron’j! dons the gloves of rusting and starts slapping the lion. It starts ripping him into bits. The group rallies and defeats the beast. Ronj hovers near death for a bit, but the group manages to make all hale and hearty.
Then, it is over to the next face. Some levitations and scouting reveals a large crevasse/cave, a bolted-togehter looking tower, a lot of grasslands and at one point a blue dragon, or two.
Further scouting/divination by Demming reveals the presence of rocs on the cube, as well as fire giants and a devil. The rocs show up first, a pair starting to try and catch the party – until Dalliance fireballs one, then lets it bounce off of a wall of force she erects. The sight of the big bird tumbling ass over heels deters the smaller one and it heads off the way it came.
Deciding to deal with the dragons first, in case they are allied with the tower – a logical enough thought given the relative proximity of cavern and tower, the group ventures closer to the giant rift in the cube face. Suddenly, they are attacked by a – previously invisible – huge, nay, gargantuan blue dragon, as it unleashes a mighty stroke of lightning!

Following another self-imposed exile, the group returns to a changed land. Their influence is waning in Shadowdale, and the prolonged bout of stability is bad for the adventuring biz. Luckily, there are always old friends who are getting sucked into interesting things and it is the news that ole Stumpy is having troubles that provides a raison d’etre.
It seems that the Stumpmeister has had his forge master killed and corpse-robbed, by a large steel lion no less. The omens are ominous and the portents are portentious, for the trail leads off of this world and into the outer planes.
Within days the group has made its way to the plane of neutrality and into the city of Rigus. In the warlike city, they ask questions, and eventually spot one of the steel beasts that was described to them. A bit of tailing reveals that the hunt for blade smiths is still on as the lions kill and consume another dwarven smith.
The lions head towards a giant staircase. The stairs lead to a portal, to Archeon – a plane of eternal strife. Specifically, the portal deposits them onto a large iron cube that is one of many such cubes, spinning and flying across the ‘sky’. On most of the cubes, wild battles rage and the sounds of strife echo across the plane. Seeking a less strifey area, the group has no encounters except the elephant-sized spider being ridden by a drow. They hide. Deploying Clairvoyance and Find the Path allows them to see a smallish cube in the sea of cubes and determine that is the target. A quick teleport and they are on the cube.
It is pleasant enough, resembling the woodlands of the north, but seeing a sky full of war cubes helps remind them that Thudheim is far, far away.
They set out along the path still indicated by the spell and cross one of the cube faces. When they peek over the edge, they see a bunch of ant-warriors slaughtering humanoid slaves. The group ponders, and decides to rest up in advance of their next jaunt across a cube face.
There is a bit of general wtf and puzzled head scratching, but Dalliance seems to think that the forge masters are being used to create some sort of uber weapon, so it is probably incumbent upon the group to act with relative haste, lest the project go completion. On the morrow, they brave another face.

The group pauses in their infiltration into the drow complex and shares a moment of reflection. The debate is more rhetorical, and after deciding that involvement in politics of the underworld is to be avoided, the group returns along the path they entered.
When they bypass the location of their contacts, who are understandably perturbed by the mass defection. Alas, Dalliance’s magics are stronger than drow dispel magic spells and the group escapes into the maze.
Rope trick into Find the path into multiple destructive spells to collapse as much of the path twixt Shadowdale and drow as possible and the group casts about wildly for a money making opportunity. Idle chat leads to interesting places and within hours the group has teleported to a fishing village on the coast of the sea. It takes another three or so days to finalize the strategy.
Deploying the recon bird then using the submarine to navigate about allows the group to find a rock spire not too distant froma channel. There they spend a few weeks constructing a submarine base. The Table of feasting is retrieved and deployed to the benefit of morale. Once the base is complete, sea lion and birds are deployed to scout and spy. Eventually a target is chosen and a plan developed.
The sub is anchored nearby, and the group swims in. Invisible and silenced, they rush the walls and bypass the gates. Once inside they seek out one of the larger warehouses. Dalliance negates the magical protections and passwalls the group into the area. Working swiftly, the group assembles piles of loot and teleports about 7000 pounds of goods to specially constructed warehouses built by Dalliance in the villages of Shadowdale.
Once the raid is complete, the group high-tails it away by various means and regroups by the sub. The trip concludes with a triumphant celebration in the sub base. make changes

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