This stinks!

With the departure of the druid, the group ponders their course of sction. To return to the Rotting Man, to seek the Vessel of Souls, or something different? In the interim, the church would like to set the group on a local matter of some concern. A string of seemingly unconnected killings in and about Baytown has raised concerns. There are apparently few details that can be corroborated, but the inability of the various thieves guilds to protect their high level members speaks to a well organized foe.
The group arrives after a short trek and tries to obtain some information...

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The quickest way to the haversack is through your heart

The group charges to do battle with the golem, but it vanishes and two hulking stone monsters uncloak and menace the party. The Lad unloads on the first one, pulping its head and slaying it with a single blow. With a whoop, the party piles on the other one and despite a few unlucky mishaps, they slay the beast in a matter of seconds.

At this point the golem teleports into their midst and begins blasting scalding gouts of steam and applying golem-sized beatdown to all within reach. The severe pummeling scatters the party as they try to regroup and counter the assault. Eventually they manage to win through the stout defenses and manage to slay it a second time...

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Next up: A babbling mound of mouths and eyeballs!

As the group exits the dwarf and xorn cavern they are attacked by one last crazed dwarf who shouts incoherent phrases until his head is removed from his crazed shoulders. A ledge is found and buttons are noted. The buttons have the same colors as the list provided by the bard. Hmm.
Onward into another room filled with crazed scribbling and some fist-fighting dwarves. Malchor breaks up the fight with a fireball and the last dwarf standing earns an arrow through his throat as the prize. Another button filled panel is the prize.
Into the next room and a pyramid topped with a crazed dwarf shaman that releases a fleshy quivering, howling pile of mouths and assorted eyeballs...

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One ringy-dingy. Two ringy-dingy. Three ringy-dingy.

Proceeding onward, the group explores the room beyond the library and after slaying a devil, proceeds onward into a great banquet hall, whose tables are filled to near-collapse with wonderfully prepared foodstuffs of every possible sort. Therein, they make the acquaintance of the last surviving party member of the group that has penetrated the rings ahead of our heroes. The person in question is a female human bard. The bard is terrified and thoroughly over the entire idea of penetrating the inner circle. When the paladin and cleric of Torm swear they will protect her, but that she must help the party complete their mission – she reluctantly agrees to journey with the group and provide suitable battle music and inspiring chants.

She shares all that she knows about that which lies ahead – g...

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Clever Lever- or – Death by Banner

The group completes the circuit of the outer ring of the vault, battling a pair of lamia and their mirrored pillar of strength reduction. Once the creatures are slain and mirrors are shattered a yellow button is found. Pushing it causes the ring to turn in the opposite direction from the monkey lever room. Hmm. Beyond that another room – trapped and also containing a lever, this time brown.
After the loot is looted, the group casts about for ideas. There is much discussion and thought given and the decision is made to thoroughly search each and every room for more clues. More levers are found and existing levers are pulled and nothing seems to yield a doorway through which to pass though the ring spins and twirls.. The reset lever is pulled and then another and finally a door appears.

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