Clever Lever- or – Death by Banner

The group completes the circuit of the outer ring of the vault, battling a pair of lamia and their mirrored pillar of strength reduction. Once the creatures are slain and mirrors are shattered a yellow button is found. Pushing it causes the ring to turn in the opposite direction from the monkey lever room. Hmm. Beyond that another room – trapped and also containing a lever, this time brown.
After the loot is looted, the group casts about for ideas. There is much discussion and thought given and the decision is made to thoroughly search each and every room for more clues. More levers are found and existing levers are pulled and nothing seems to yield a doorway through which to pass though the ring spins and twirls.. The reset lever is pulled and then another and finally a door appears.

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Ode to monkey and medusa

Beyond the door lies a room full of strange iron bars that project from the walls and hang from the ceiling. The only door is in the opposite wall and about 30 feet above the floor. Presumably, one can traverse the bars and reach the far door.The cleric’s map of traps reveals that the entire floor is indeed trapped and the decision is made to send the mage on a scouting mission.

The mage assumes gaseous form and wafts his way across the room and into the opening beyond. He returns a few minutes later with news that the room beyond is occupied by a duo of four-armed mountain gorillas. This seems like a bad enemy to encounter and the mage is sent out again. This time he uses a spider climb spell to climb the walls and hang upside down...

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scrollin, scrollin, scrollin like a river

Finding themselves atop a massive glowing rune covered scroll with caustic ink-geysers and wickedly sharp paper boulders. They spot a huge floating book and a floating …mummy, lich, whatchamahoozit next to it. As the group approaches they note that the book appears to be made of living flesh, though incomplete. As the group prepares for battle, a quintet of rune-carved and flayed horrors appears to menace the party. Attempts to turn the evil beasties prove fruitless and the battle is joined. Living flesh is stripped from Malchor and others and to their horror, the pieces of their skin join to the previously incomplete pages.

Huge magics are unleashed and savage blows are traded...

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Straight to the dome!

Descending the rope, the party reconvenes and begins to investigate the few directions that were still unmolested. Empty room, empty room, empty room, pair of dracohumanoids that nearly kill the party, more rooms, room of rune-carved undead, room of tortured undead and flayed human bodies – also undead – and then a few moments to search the room of the paper demon.
The prayerbook of the legendary cleric is discovered and then it is time to ponder how to deal with the graffitiwizards.
Experiments are undertaken and then in the end a hemisphere of ice is planted over the offending wizards and the party members scurry past the wizards as they burn their way out of the igloo...

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Bees! Bees! Beeeees!…well, wasps, actually.

Opting against a return to wizardry, the group explores the other secret door in the main chamber and gains entrance to a network of corridors. A battle with a quintet of spooky undead is swiftly concluded as the maces of disruption weilded by Goldpiece and the Lad rain blows upon the undead that are turned by the wondertwin powers of the Gal and Kormier.
A move to the next hallway engages the group in a pitched battle with a hive of magekiller wasps, who almost live up their name by nearly slaying Malchor. Once defeated, the group presses on to the nest and slays the queen. They recover a vial of Ki-Rin tears and a living human – an adventurer of some sort, it is presumed. Goldpiece is certain that the person is infected with wasp eggs, but for now, they hall the person along.
Upon reach...

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