Bees! Bees! Beeeees!…well, wasps, actually.

Opting against a return to wizardry, the group explores the other secret door in the main chamber and gains entrance to a network of corridors. A battle with a quintet of spooky undead is swiftly concluded as the maces of disruption weilded by Goldpiece and the Lad rain blows upon the undead that are turned by the wondertwin powers of the Gal and Kormier.
A move to the next hallway engages the group in a pitched battle with a hive of magekiller wasps, who almost live up their name by nearly slaying Malchor. Once defeated, the group presses on to the nest and slays the queen. They recover a vial of Ki-Rin tears and a living human – an adventurer of some sort, it is presumed. Goldpiece is certain that the person is infected with wasp eggs, but for now, they hall the person along.
Upon reach...

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What is behind door number two?

Behind the second portal is more strangeness. Hallways lead to a chamber dominated by a curtain of polychromatic light, and a strange mural of three wizards dominates the floor. As the group enters, the mural comes to life and the wizards and the group trade blows and blasts of arcane magic until the group decides that retreat is the better part of valor. As they flee the area, they become aware that they are under observation, as glowing eyes peer at them from various openings as they retreat to the safety of the rope trick. Upon the morrow, perhaps a return, or perhaps the last door.

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Creatures, both summoned and conjured

After filling the lantern and reading the words of opening the group enters the easternmost door and spends time investigating an old library – and the undead that inhabit it, They slay the undead and journey on to find a bust that gives the power of tongues. Passages are investigated and the group encounters an extraplanar being, While battling the creature, the group enters a cavern of intergalactic entrails that spit forth bloodthirsty raptorsauruses. Raptorsaurii?
Finally, the paladin’s powers become relevant and she dispatches the beasts after a pitched battle while the mages and cleric seal the rift (at least temporarily) with spells. More though produces headaches...

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Rollin…rollin…rollin like a river

Returning to the Temple of Torm in Impiltur, the group is advised that the Rotting Man might be pulling an elaborate ruse to divert attention to the south while his hired minions seek something to the north that would facilitate his control of the region. In fact, the word is that at least two adventuring parties have already been recruited out of Baytown and sent on a northerly arc to seek out a vault that contains this great treasure.

Leaving Impiltur in haste, the group goes overland until they reach the Great Imphras River. There, they unfold one of their portable boats and use the river to shave three days off the travel time to reach the edge of the foothills near the Giantspire Mountains. Magical mounts courtesy of Malchor speeds the party’s overland progress.

A near miss with a c...

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Whatta nightmare

Carrying on the assault, the party quickly scans the inside of the manor house and the surroundings, looking for the presumed occupant of the guarded room. A secret door is found and it is surmised that the occupant has used it to flee. Malchor, Bababobo and Kormier move towards the barracks and catch a glimpse of motion as one of the shuttered windows is pulled shut. While the bemused druid watches from a rooftop, a nightmare bursts forth from the stable and becomes airborne within seconds.
As he decides what to do about it and is busy watching the creature’s flight path, the wounded mountain giant crawls out from the stable building. He hurls a dead horse at the cleric and strikes him, causing him to tumble to the ground...

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