The Horned Dilemma

Plans laid, the group departs the frosty realms and travels along the roads back towards the Giant’s Causeway. The trip is largely uneventful with only a trio of trolls to provide a bit of entertainment for the travelers. Upon regaining the causeway, they turn northeast and ride for a few more days before veering off towards the edge of the vast swamp that separates the blighted plains from the walled city of Ausfang.
As they travel eastward, the terrain begins to descend and the second encounter is as they travel through the foothills. The flying mage reports seeing a largish group of ungern traveling westwards from the swamps. The decision is made to bypass them as there seems to be little profit in engaging the creatures.
More travel brings them to the wetlands that form the transition...

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Missiles of Dismissal

After an overnight stay up the rope in the smoldering feast house and a retooling of spells and tactics, the group returns to the sewers in search of the presumed portal. Slogging to the site of the ambush, little is seen so they decide to press onward. After a brief period, there is the sound of distant buzzing – like that of a giant fly. Recalling that one of the demonic foes was indeed a giant flying maggot thing, they prepare for contact.
Soon enough the flying foe appears and the cleric sends it back to its home plane. The group presses on to the next intersection and is ambushed by a pair of poison-breathing, trident toting demon beasts. The battle is fierce and the missiles of the mage fly frequently as do the flashing blades of various party members...

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Where there is a will, there is a dead person.

The Tormites want the group to return to Baytown and oversee a will reading of one of the more infamous folk to die at the hands of the assassins in the sewers. The antiquities dealer has long been rumored to have shady associates and have trafficked in less-than-reputable goods. To expedite travel, one of the church mages opens a teleportation circle and off the group goes.
They arrive and make their way to the site of the reading, a large feasthall on the western bank of the river. The cleric, paladin and plucky elf watch from the balcony while Lad, Bababobo and the Malformed One scan the crowd from the rear of the place.
The executor and guards arrive, carrying sealed chests and once everyone is in position the reading begins...

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Door to door dragon head salesmen…

As the party prepares to deploy the folding boat and pursue the dragon into the inky darkness, the elf (or the ghost that inhabits him?) starts to spout paranoid ideas about the dragon being a sneaky mofo and raises the idea that this is all a distraction. Well, one way to find out is to give the bat wings to the ranger and have him do a flyover of the underground cistern.

Sure enough, the dragon surfaces and snatches the flapping ranger out of the air and under the water. HFS! The group springs into action. The mage deploys water breathing spells for the party and they all jump in the boat while the water walking cleric tows them out to the middle of the cistern. The elf drops his breastplate, grabs his sword and dives overboard to attack the dragon and hopefully save the ranger...

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Sludge and Dragon!

Deciding to investigate the sewers a bit more in hopes of discovering more information about the mysterious golem assassins, the group deploys the folding boat in the early morning hours and sculls upstream. They find a partially covered entrance to an overflow pipe and enter.

Though old, the sewers are in relatively good repair, except in places where they have collapsed. The group searches about and finds that upstream seems less recently traveled than the directions that lead back towards Baytown.

Eventually, the group leaves the sewer area and enters the section of the underground complex dealing with fresh water, culminating in a large underground cistern that measures hundreds of feet across...

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