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Following the beholder, the party scouts a dangerous and well-trapped route. Eventually, they make their way to the lair of a tattooed yeti and his machete-limbed spider companions. A swift lightning bolt and that threat is preserved and teleported away.
Onward presses the party until a rope trick rest stop and a find the path spell speed things along. They move along, past shadow dragon and graveyard to the meeting spot. There they meet the dissident drow who encourage them to blow up some fundamentalist drow. The group agrees, if only to investigate further.
They ready themselves to foray further- seeking to disrupt the faction that seeks to reclaim Shadowdale from the party’s clutches.

Deciding that undermountain is just too strange, and in light of the information emerging about the progress of law over the past decade – the group decides a venture to Thay might well be in order.
Dalliance procures arms and armaments for Shadowdale and then slips her handlers to try and make contact with an old aquaintance, only to discover that the government has destroyed his compound.
Unwilling to meddle directly in the internal affairs of an increasingly militaristic Thay, the group decides to open a sealed portal in the basement of the Twisted Tower that they believe leads to a Drow encampment, city or town…perhaps.
Descending for some time results in the discovery of a chasm, a bridge and a Beholder. The battle is brief and two party members are flung over the edge and into the chasm. Hooray for feather fall spells.
Eventually the beast is defeated, and the group ventures to the other side of the bridge to investigate and open a door…that leads to a room with another door. Both are barred from the inside. Investigation ensues.

Emboldened by the hefty profit marvins to be had in plundermountain, the group decides to return in another impromptu bout of looting.
Wandering the corridors leads them to new areas of the Mad Wizard’s playground.
These areas are less full of lootable monsters, and rather more full of strangeness. The wind-walking group discovers a dragon roulette room. Each time the party enters there is a different type of terrain and a different sort of dragon. They discover this festure only after they spend a day peparing for battle witha giant green dragon, only to encounter a copper dragon is the current occupant.
After by passing that area, they find themselves near a group of rooms that display adventuers in some sort of magical plexiglass cubes. Debate ensues about the wisdom of fooling with trophies, and the group presses on.
Eventually, they decide to exit and rejoin the world above. Upon doing so it beclmes clear that the flow of time above and below is not the same, for it seems that a decade has passed since tne group ventured under the mountain.
Becoming unstuck in time is not nearly as distressing as might have been thought…and not nearly as distresing as the news that the Rod Of Law has been assembled and is loose in the lands. Of course, the more lawful party members are less distressed than Lemming…

Pausing only briefly to ponder the wisdom of tangling with the Blasphemy again, the group embarks on a new venture – against the backdrop of news from the East that indicates that the Rod of Law has been joined.
This time they are venturing for their own purposes and decide a quick jaunt to the Mad Wizard’s mountain funhouse might be just the thing.
With appropriate caution they descend and roam about seeking interesting monsters from which they can extract organs and other spell components.
After a few uneventful hours they are attacked by a Displacer Beast, which promptly falls victim to a charm spell. A ten-pack of trolls happens along and three fall to charm spells while the rest are dealt with by a few fireballs.
A handy Wind Walk spell from Demming, and the group emerges from the depths with the beginnings of a menagerie. Cages are built and the group transports the critters to Thay, where they are sold to interssted parties.
The three hour tour was a great beginning, so the group ponders what this new venture will yeild.

Heading through the hall of losers, the group opens a door into the playing field. The spectator’s seats look as abused as the rest of the area and the presence of a large tentacled fungus doesn’t really do a lot to reassure anyone. Slap a wall of force over that fungus and the party is off to explore the team rooms.
Interesting equipment and a trio of demons complete the experience. The battle rages for a while but eventually two are downed and the third flees the scene. The group tries to bypass a pair of very stubbornly locked doors and resorts to passwall spells to accomplish the goal.
A long hallway brings them to what they are sure is the object of the quest – the demon called Blasphemy. The door is opened, but the way is blocked by a blade barrier. As the group watches, the demon materializes in the middle of the whirling death blades. While the rest of the group tries to figure out how to bypass it, Nils teleports into the room, planning on executing a surprise attack from the rear. Instead, he is unpleasantly surprised to find the six-armed demon creature is not where she appeared to be, but is within striking distance. Strike she does and NIls is down, bleeding to death a few seconds later – before the group has had much of a chance to do anything.
The barrier comes down and some of the party enters the room to do battle with the marilith and the nalfeshnee. The battle is pitched – and the damage is intense. Nils is prodded back to life by Barada – and the spells and potent magics fly. Blasphemy deals terrible damage and endures the same while the nalfeshneee is disintegrated. Eventually she retreats and the party quickly takes advantage of the opportunity to flee as well. They pause to lob a fireball into the scriptorium and mass teleport away. They rest a few days and divvy what treasures they have accumulated – including the map of the abyss and the seeds of potently evil magics. What to do now? Return in an attempt to complete the task, or find something else? Yes… Death for us all

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