Turn your exams over, you may begin…

Walking as wind, the group swoops about the island and enters the castle courtyard. There they see a small army of giants in armor, performing some sort of military drill. A tower overlooks the courtyard, and the eyestalk of a beholder is seen protruding from one of the arrow slits. Beyond the entry gate and murderholes and whatnot are a series of large interconnected buildings that open onto the courtyard in two places. The one furthest from the entrance, and beyond the giants smells strongly of Nightmare.
The closer, less smelly entrance is taken and the group explores a great hall, cellars, and stairs to an upper floor. There they encounter an iron golem. Instead of defeating the creature, they imprison it in a tornado while they loot the booty it was guarding – a suit of ethereal armor and a fine sword and stout shield.
The windy spell is soon to end and the group prefers to depart a top speed rather than be trapped twixt who knows what and beholders. As they leave, they spy a large red dragon apparently tossing off high level spells and roasting the bejeeus out of something down in the jungle. They make way to a beach on the northern shore of the island and erect their shelter – an extra-dimensional mansion. Barada returns in bird form to scout the area they just vacated and returns with a tale of a trio of beholders and a force of giants annihilating a small army in the jungles. Faced with puzzling facts, the group rests for the night.

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