I’d rather get some head!

Pausing briefly after the latest tussle for life, the group decides to try thr tried and true approach of using the holy symbol to bypass the wall of writhing soulless elf bodies. Dipping the token into the well of bubbling blood causes the wall to roll back, leaving a 10 foot opening through which the group witnesses a most unique sight.

A large chamber lies before them – open to the afternoon sky, the walls rise some 30 feet, topped with a narrow overhang. Near the middle of the room, a whirling maelstrom of smoky air writhes in place. Near the rear of the room are pillars that crackle with electrical energy. They flank a fountain fed by three dragon heads mounted on the rear wall. A set of mirrors line the floor between the group and the occupants.

The occupants are a quintet of dracohumans and a massive green dragon that seem surprised by the group’s sudden appearance in the inner chamber. The group seizes the initiative and springs into action. The mage unlimbers an Ice Storm on the dragon while the elf tosses a prismatic spray gem at two of the dragonfolk. The ranger prepares +5 arrows and the cleric casts a circle vs evil.

The spells leave a wounded dragon, one stone guard and one that isn’t quite right in the head, so Goldpiece follows up with a pair of +5 arrows aimed at the dragon. The elf’s aim is true and the power of the arrow is undeniable as he strikes the dragon with two well placed shots, the last one entering the beast’s mouth as it prepares to breathe gaseous death on the group. It exits the beat’s back, severing it’s spine and slaying it.

Emboldened, the group presses the attack, slaying the rest of the dragonfolk, though they take some damage in the process. The dragon head is removed and preserved, and the cleric sets about casting a spell to ward the place against evil. While he does so, the group detect magical emanations from the fountain and approaches, only to be zapped by the pillars. As they try to suss out the way the pillars operate, the ranger sees an elf apparently trapped in the mirror. Around this time, the Lad tries to touch the maelstrom with the temple holy symbol. He is absorbed by the maelstrom and finds himself in a vast expanse with hundreds of elves. He sees windows in the distance, that turn out to be the mirrors in the temple floor.

Eventually he escapes and rejoins the group,who is busily engaged in trying to loot the fountain. Eventually the mage suppresses the magic and a frenzied spate of looting follows. All that remains is to make an escape, so the elf and mage spend a few moments of the following evening destroying the lizardfolk camp with a well placed fireball and an ice storm.

They haul the head back to the river, deploy the folding boat and scull back down the Imphras River. A short overland journey returns the, to the Temple of Torm where they share the information regarding elves and whatnot. The Tormites are thanked and the church plots the next set of moves in the Rawlingswood.

The group returns to the discussion at hand…now what?

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