The poop is angry!

The earnest exploration reveals little more than ambulatory piles of toothy offal and a cord and a few random things. It is thought that the cord may be used to bind the horn pieces together, but that implies another northward journey to see Frosty and his brother. Thus, the group sets off on a northward journey, deciding to stop and visit the golem-manufacturing plant discovered some time earlier.

After much trouble and use of magic, entry is gained to a large corridor. The corridor is full of traps. After a few days of trap avoidance and use of much magic, the end of the hallway is revealed to be a dead end, Curses!

Doubling back, the group finally discovers a well-hidden secret door just inside the main entrance. More magic is used but it eventually opens and leads down a short flight of stairs to a curiously patterned room – with no visible exits. It is surmised that this is a teleportation station for whatever wizard lives here. Disheartened, the group returns to their northward travels.

2 comments to The poop is angry!

  • Gold Piece  says:

    Glad to hear Gold Piece is still in one piece

  • Lad  says:

    Da Poop
    Da Poop
    Da Poop is on FA-YA!

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